How to Save Money on your Shop Fitout

How to Save Money on your Shop Fitout

Opening a new shop location is an exciting time for a small business owner. As there are so many things to consider, plan for and do, it can become a bit overwhelming working out everything you need to budget for to fit out that perfect new space.

If you aren’t prepared and your build isn’t planned to include the finer details, you may end up spending more than you thought.

While we think it’s important to invest in your fit-out, you don’t need to blow the budget by making little mistakes along the way.

There are many different ways to save money and I’ve put together my top 4 to help you get started!

Top 4 Tips to Saving on your Shop Fit Out:

1. Work out your budget – odd as it sounds, you start saving money by working out how much you want to spend! And I don’t mean having a total figure in your head – you need to work out how much each thing you need will cost.

2. Keep design simple and flexible – your design doesn’t have to be the fanciest in town. Keeping it simple and perhaps adding a feature light or surprising colour elements goes a long way to wow factor. Brief your designer well, and always tell them you are working to a budget.

3. Choose your shopfitter wisely – the best way to make sure you don’t get last minute costs is to make sure your drawings and documentation are clear about what you want and who does what. If one of the prices you get is a lot cheaper than the others, check what they have left out, because chances are that’s what’s happened!

4. Hire a Project Manager – A little shameless plug for Setting Up Shop? Perhaps… But the truth is, with a project manager on your side, you can ensure that you’ve covered all the minor and major details in leasing, fitting and opening your new space.

With a few tips from me, a little patience and a lot of coffee you can launch your new business location with a bang!

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