Mixed Use



We appreciate the diverse, sometimes contradictory requirements for mixed use projects. Although critical, retail’s comparatively small footprint in the overall scheme means it can get lost along the way.

We keep our focus on the retail component, and identify the impact of project options so that the team can make informed decisions.

Operational lens

The back of house activities associated with running a successful retail offer are sometimes missed in mixed use developments. The ease and availability of delivery access, rubbish removal, and customer amenities, among other things, can make leasing more difficult.

We make sure these elements are identified and considered early in the process.

A helping hand

The additional compliance issues when fitting out a tenancy on a street rather than in a centre can make this a new and difficult exercise for tenants.

We build relationships with council and other authorities and suppliers so that we can help tenants work through these activities. A focus on assistance rather than box-ticking is crucial for successful tenancy delivery.

We were looking at getting our very first cafe and weren’t sure where to start. With Karyn’s help, things were simple! After her inspection, she provided us a detail report enabling us to identify potential hazards and communicate with the seller effectively. Karyn has been very helpful and we would strongly recommend her.

Aaron Chua

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