Working with the teams

In a redevelopment there are usually at least two discrete teams – development, often in head office, and centre management on the ground.

It is important for the tenancy delivery manager to be in close communication with everyone involved, and critical that they can develop a strong relationship with the operations team.

Biting the hand that feeds

Managing existing traders while works are going on is critical to the delivery of a successful redevelopment. They may have concerns during build works, and will be keen to provide feedback.

Appropriate communication is key, and we handle the management of stakeholders with the operations team so that everything stays on track.

Understanding the bones

Redevelopment can mean upgrading services throughout a centre to meet the latest standards.

As tenancy delivery manager, we work with the engineers and services consultants to make sure that the tenants’ requirements are considered and catered for early in the project to avoid disruption and cost later on.

I have been very pleased to work with Karyn O’Brien on various projects. Karyn brings an impressive array of talents to her projects including a vast construction knowledge, organisational ability, project metrics and task focus, advanced project scheduling and general management which combine to produce outstanding results. A great sense of humour and always a pleasant person to work with.

Hugh Harris

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