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Tenancy delivery, or tenancy coordination, is often seen as a basic tick-the-box exercise. That’s not what we do. Yes, you still get the programs, reports, and monitoring.  But we also want to understand what motivates your project stakeholders.

It might sound a bit fluffy, but it allows you to better respond to challenges and minimise risks to your business.


If we had to sum up what we do in one word, it would be communication.  We talk to everyone involved – the tenant, the designer, the shopfitter, the apprentice sweeping the floor. That way we can build a picture of how the fitout is going, and help to solve problems.

This also means we identify potential problems before they start to grow and slow things down.


After the leasing deal is done, tenancy delivery is where the relationship with the tenant is initially built.

The tick-the-box approach makes it an impersonal and compliance-focussed exercise, but we look at it as providing assistance to the tenant in a busy time.

We know the building, know the process, and want to see them open successfully.

I have been very pleased to work with Karyn O’Brien on various projects. Karyn brings an impressive array of talents to her projects including a vast construction knowledge, organisational ability, project metrics and task focus, advanced project scheduling and general management which combine to produce outstanding results. A great sense of humour and always a pleasant person to work with.

Hugh Harris

Plus Architecture

Karyn O’Brien


I have been working in retail fitout for over 15 years, with experience on all sides of the fence – tenant, landlord, contractor and consultant. I know the tricks of the trade and understand stakeholder motivations and concerns.

While retail fitout is my passion, it is often an add-on or afterthought in many projects. I established Setting Up Shop so that I could offer a focussed, specialised service and deliver better outcomes for landlords and tenants alike.

Alison McKay

Retail Fitout Specialist

Alison has extensive experience in providing tailored services for small businesses designed to streamline the entire design and fitout process for new retail outlets. Most recently, Alison took charge of retail tenancy coordination for the landlord of King Street, Brisbane Showgrounds.


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