Client: Mumbleberry
Project: 80 Ann Street


Challenge: a big landlord means a big budget?
Solution: not if you engage Setting Up Shop!


Not one to be deterred by a pandemic, Lucy opened her first shop in Wilston in 2020, with artisinal and small batch produce from around Australia. 

I was introduced to Lucy by the development management team at Mirvac who were building 80 Ann Street - an amazing office building in Brisbane CBD with retail on the ground floor.

The timing was perfect as Lucy hadn't agreed the terms of her lease and was in the process of reviewing the deal with Mirvac.

As a small business owner, it's critical to understand the implications of a lease.  The cost to make changes to air-conditioning, sprinkler systems and floor levels can very quickly mount up!

I worked with Lucy to develop a budget, suggested some things she should ask the landlord to do for her, and we ended up with a great deal and a plan for the design.

With the skills of a great designer (Corner ID) we worked up a design that would be cost effective while also having the impact that Lucy wanted.  Focussing on just two bespoke joinery units meant we could save on other fittings that would give Lucy the flexibility she needed for her displays - it's important to keep your shop looking fresh and inviting!

We tendered the build so that we knew the pricing was robust, and with the team from Echo Projects on board we were in a great position to jump through all the hoops for Mirvac, who have strict guidelines for working in their properties.

Continual monitoring of the budget meant we made decisions with an eye to value every step of the way, and the result is shop that looks great while being very good value.

A word from the client:

One review will not do Karyn justice - she is efficient, knowledgeable, proactive and understanding.

Right from the beginning she advised me on the whole leasing and contract stages, helping me to get a better deal. During the build stage she dealt with everything for me, so I didn't have to chase anything and alleviated all the stress. Even after we were complete, Karyn helped fix the extra little things that came up.

I cannot recommend her enough, and will not attempt another without engaging her services from start to finish.  Karyn will save you money, pre-empt problems and have solutions before it happens, and deliver on time.

— Lucy George, Owner, Mumbleberry





Lucy George of Mumbleberry