Cedar Woods Suite Setting Up Shop

Client: Cedar Woods Properties
Project: Greville Sales Suite

I often say that we specialise in retail, even going so far as to say we only do retail!  But every so often a project comes along that is too interesting to pass up!  

I was approached by Cedar Woods to help them with a sales suite for a new development at Woolloowin.  Greville is in the grounds of an old convent and associated buildings, and some of the houses would eventually incorporate a heritage listed laundry. 

Challenge: build a sales suite in a heritage listed building 
Solution: get creative!

Cedar Woods wanted to leverage the historic and unique character of the property by utilising the existing building.  This could also save on some costs normally associated with a standard “donga” sales suite, and showcase the building that would eventually form part of the higher end product available. 

But heritage listing comes with many caveats and complications, and we would not be permitted to alter any of the building.  So how to create a sales suite that is modern, reflects the product being sold, but respects the past and showcases the beautiful structure. 

Setting Up Shop recommended a design er we had previously worked with (see Mumbleberry) – Corner ID.  Helen has plenty of residential experience as well as a background in retail, and together we brainstormed ideas, eventually coming up with a stage, or building within a building concept. 

We would create a structure that would be largely self supporting by using walls and bracing rather than standard construction.  That also meant we could build a ceiling at the height of the townhouses being sold, avoiding the suggestion that the soaring space in the heritage building is what would be provided in the homes  customers would buy. 

It also mean that we could create a beautiful space for sales conversations, with views out onto the new park, access to the deck behind, and plenty of room for marketing material. 

By working closely with the marketing and development team, as well as with a builder willing to work with us on something not quite standard, we delivered a stunning sales suite that is being very well received by the public. 

Cedar Woods Greville Sales
Cedar Woods Greville Sales