Client: Ella & Jade

Alannah Read, the owner of a successful suburban hair salon called Ella & Jade, was running out of space.  Her first idea was to expand into the adjoining tenancy.

Working with Setting Up Shop to assess the salon’s needs and analyse the pros and cons of the new space, we quickly discovered that there were building constraints making the expansion impossible.  This resulted in a search for an entirely new premises.

Challenge: where to begin?
Solution: build your team!

There are many people involved in designing and building a new shop, which is why it can be so difficult.  A good project manager will find the right people, build the team and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We found a designer and worked with Alannah and her staff to create the design brief.  We managed the design process to ensure that changes to structure were minimised to suit the landlord’s requirements, and fixtures suited operational issues and complimented the original features of the space.

We selected reliable contractors that we knew would provide the quality finishes required to achieve the luxurious atmosphere the tenant wanted to create.

Imagining what the space will look  like is often a challenge for people not used to working with plans.  Working with the joiner we used masking tape, MDF and cardboard templates of the joinery to adjust dimensions, shape and locations of the cutting and colour stations to ensure they worked operationally and maintained Covid Safe distancing for customers.

The finished fitout exceeded the expectations of the tenant, customers and landlords.  The colour wall display in the archway has made many appearances on Instagram and the Alannah's suppliers are keen to replicate it elsewhere.

By helping Alannah manage the designer, trades, and her new landlord we delivered a beautiful tenancy that takes her business to the next level.

A word from the client:

Before I began the process I had no idea of exactly how much was involved, and I am so glad that I had the team from Setting Up Shop there with me the entire time. The design and fit out ran so smoothly and this was all thanks to them. If you’re doing a fit out, relocating, or opening a business you need Karyn and Ali on your team! I can’t thank them enough!!”

— Alannah Read, Owner Ella & Jade

Alannah has not only provided wonderful endorsements for Setting Up Shop online, but she has also recommended us to another retail tenant who has engaged our services to help them review their current tenancy in a heritage building.  We are working with them to assess their space needs and whether they can reconfigure their existing space to suit, or if a new location is required. Then we will apply our project management skills to help them convert their amazing ideas for enhancing their customer experience and work environment into a reality though the design and delivery phases.

To find out more about our process and how our experience can make yours easier, head to our tenancy coordination or project management pages, or get in touch