Soak Bathhouse West Village Setting Up Shop

Client: Sekisui House
Project: Soak, West Village

Soak is a bathhouse and day spa and opened their second location in West Village, following a successful launch in Mermaid Beach. The tenancy they wanted to take was on the roof of the Eaves, incorporating an outdoor area as well as approximately half of the internal space on that level.

The Problem: A 3D jigsaw puzzle!
The Solution: Close coordination and detailed planning

Our first, and biggest, issue was that the building had not been designed to take the load of the pools, so additional structural engineering needed to be completed with consideration for the existing building structure as well as the lease deals that had been finalised for other tenants. For example, one proposal would have resulted in a dramatic increase in column size which would have impacted a medical centre’s reception and rooms.

We worked with the engineers and Hutchinsons to figure out a way to use carbon fibre and a topping slab. Problem one solved!

But the Soak pool plumbing needed to go in before the topping slab was poured, but after the original slab had been scabbled and once the steel mesh was in place. Planning and programming = problem 2 solved!

And then the fitout works for the tenancy below couldn’t penetrate any of the carbon fibre strips, as they were fire rated! So the fitout contractor appointed for Soak was introduced to the tenant below and they won the tender, meaning on builder was responsible for both tenancies – win!

It was a 3D jigsaw puzzle, but by working closely with everyone involved we made it happen.

Soak is going strong and a very popular place for West End locals and people from all over Brisbane!

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Soak Bathhouse West Village
Soak Bathhouse West Village Setting Up Shop
Soak Bathhouse West Village Setting Up Shop
Soak Bathhouse West Village Setting Up Shop
Soak Bathhouse West Village Setting Up Shop